Toroidal Rheostats

Ramson Rheostats are suitable for most arduous service and can be confidently specified for applications where variable control of electrical energy by resistive means is required. They have many uses in industrial development and scientific work. E.g. Generator field control, Lamp dimming, Vibrator control, Heater and oven temperature control, Motor speed control, Rectifier Control, Voltage regulation, Fan speed control, etc.

Rheostats of 25 watts and higher capacities are wound on densely fired ceramic core. Three terminals are provided for all the Rheostats. The Rheostats are cement coated to keep the turns of wire in position. The coating is applied in layers and stabilized by baking in furnace.

The resistance wires are selected to give full values of resistance, current carrying capacity and temperature rise. For values of higher resistance and wattage, nickel chrome wire is used where as for lower values copper alloy materials are also used. Generally the wire is wound linearly but according to the specification of the customers the winding can be designed for required deviation.

The wiper contact is made of copper graphite blocks, which assures good contact. It also provides lubrication for close control and lasts longer.

* Rheostat Dimensions on request 


Ramson Shunt Regulators

Ramson Rheostats are used as Shunt Regulators for Industrial application. These regulators are used for weakening of DC Motor field for Automatic speed control in the Processing industry (E.g.: Textile processing machines, etc)

The standard range of 100/200 - 400/600 - 800/1000 watts are available in single units, and in any higher capacity with ganged units. All the above can be supplied in hand operated type, motor operated type, chain and sprocket driven type or any other form as per customer's specifications. These equipment can also be supplied in totally enclosed and open type models. Enclosures are powder-coated boxes with drip proof protection. Micro - switch with cam arrangement can be provided for setting the maximum and minimum operating limits. 

Shunt Regulator Dimensions