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Ramson & Sons is a leading manufacturer of DC Motors and controls. Our brand of “Ramson" DC Motors, "Ramson" Rheostats is well known globally.  Founded in Chennai (Madras), India in 1968, we have earned a credible reputation from the clients we have served. 


Our products are designed and perfected to suit the most arduous requirements in today's industrial environment. 

Quality, Price & Service - These are the three key attributes we rely on.


Quality: We stand by the quality of our products. It has been our prime directive that we would strive to make quality machines and equipment and we stand by it. It's our commitment to our clients. 

Price: We feel our Price is the best in the industry. Sure, there can always be a cheaper price from someone, but, most likely, service or quality will be compromised.

Service:  We understand your requirements and stand to serve your needs. You could expect the best from us. 

Our chosen specialization route, has helped us provide solutions to the following Industries:

Paper Industry, Plastic Machines, Textile Machines, Textile Mills, Sugar Factories, Cement Industries, Amusement Rides, Milk & Food Processing, Packing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Offset Printing, Fitness Sports, Research & Development, Electrical Engineering Laboratories and Machines Labs


Product Range:

 DC Motors Shunt, Series & Compound ,  Motor Generator Sets AC/DC & DC/AC, AC Synchronous Motors, Squirrel cage induction Motors,   Slip ring Induction Motors,  Auto –Synchronous Motors, Repulsion Motors, Split Phase Motors, AC Variable Speed Motor - Schrage Type Motor, DC Self Priming Pumps, Capacitor Motors, Universal Motors,  Rotary converters,  Transformers,  DC Generators – shunt, series & Compound,    Control Panels suitable for the above products,  Faceplate D.C. Motor Starters  , Drum controllers,   Star delta starter ,  D. O. L Starters,  Shaded pole motors, AC Series Motors, Field Regulators,  Loading Rheostats,  Alternators, Carbon Pile Rheostats, Resistors,  Rheostats – Tubular & Toroidal , Auto Transformers, MC & MI Ammeters, MC & MI Voltmeters, Dynamometer type wattmeter, Power factor meter, Frequency meter, Tachometer, Multi meter, Rectifier Units, Knife Switches  &  Industrial Safety products. 


Contact Information

Ramson & Sons, 

F- 48 First Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai 600 102, Tamil Nadu, India 

Phone   : +91-9841842751 , +91-7358170355

Email: ramsonmotors@gmail.com