Education & Research

Ramson & Sons is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Electrical machines, Instruments and Equipment required for Industrial Training Institutes, Polytechnics & Engineering Colleges.


With over three decades of service to this industry, we have earned ourselves a very high reputation for the quality of products and our services. We have supplies made to over 300 leading educational institutions.


All Ramson products are manufactured based on international standards and are thus rated high on quality. All products are thoroughly tested and are provided with test/performance report.


Being the direct manufacturer, we offer you the flexibility to build machines according to your specifications. 


Our Range of Equipments cater to the needs of the following departments:



Product Profile




Motor Generator Sets AC/DC & DC/AC, DC Motors Shunt, Series & Compound, Squirrel cage Induction Motors, Slip ring Induction Motors, Auto–Synchronous Motors, Repulsion Motors, Split Phase Motors, Capacitor Motors, Universal Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, Permanent Magnet DC Motor, Rotary converters, Transformers, DC Generators – shunt, series & Compound, Control panels suitable for the above products, Thyristor controls, Faceplate D.C. Motor Starters, Pony brake Arrangements, Base couplings and fittings, Drum controllers, Star Delta starter, D. O. L Starters, Shaded pole motors, AC Series Motors, Field Regulators, Loading Rheostats, Resistors, Rheostats –Tubular & Toroidal, Auto Transformers, Alternators, Carbon Pile Rheostats, Water Load(Water Rheostat), MC & MI Ammeters, MC & MI Voltmeters, Dynamometer type wattmeter, Power Factor meter, Frequency meter, Tachometer, Multi meter, Rectifier Units & Knife Switch.




Oscilloscope – Single Trace & Dual Trace, Wobbuloscope, Function Generator, Signal Generator AF/RF, Sweep Generator, Marker Generator, Power supplies, Signal Tracer, Oscillators, Distortion Factor Meters, AC Milli Voltmeters, Power Output Meter, Electronic Volt/Ohm Meter, Multi meters – Digital/ Analog, LCR Meters – Digital/ Analog, Wheat stone Bridge, Transistor & Diode Testers, Frequency Counters, Thyristor Controls, Decade Resistance/Capacitance/Inductance Boxes, Megger, Battery Charger, battery eliminator, Tong tester & Stop Watches.


(The product list includes our products (manufactured) and outsourced)

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