DC Motors

Types: Shunt, Series and Compound



S.P.D.P Screen Protected Drip Proof

S.P.F.C Screen Protected Force Cooled

T.E Totally Enclosed 


Armature  110 - 220 - 440 – 550

Field          220 


1000,1500 &  3000 rpm.  Other Speeds can be provided on request 


Horizontal Foot Mounted, Horizontal/Vertical Flange Mounting 


80S      80M   80L    112S    112M    112L   132S

132M   132L 160S   160M     160L    180      225 



Typical Application 

Paper Industries, Plastic Machines, Textile Machines, Sugar Factories, Cement Industries, Amusement Rides, Milk & Food Processing, Packing Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Offset Printing, R&D and Electrical Engineering Laboratories & Machines Labs. 

Our Manufacturing Range  

DC Electric Motors (Shunt, Series & Compound), DC Generators, DC Motor Generator Set, Permanent Magnet DC Motors, DC Dynamometers, DC Traction Duty, Battery Operated Motors, Alternators, AC Motors and special Purpose Motors 

Motor Accessories  

Thermal relay embedded in Interpole Winding, Brake fitted on commutator side, Tacho Generator, Speed limit Switch, Base plate and coupling, Loading Drum, Motor Starter - Face plate/Contactor type, cooling blower, Shunt regulator, Pulley and belt. 

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